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Tops Shooting Response: May 16,2022

Reaction statement to racist killings on East Side

I intended for this May newsletter to be a cheery update on all the great progress we've made as an organization but that has been pre-empted by the shootings on the East Side that must separately be addressed.

Buffalo News Story: January 28, 2021

What it will take to make Buffalo Niagara business more equitable

The push for diversity has been going on for years. And advocates say Buffalo Niagara's workforce still has a long way to go to truly become more equitable.

Buffalo News Opinion Piece August 30, 2020

Another Voice: New York small businesses deserve truth in lending

In Buffalo and across New York State, small businesses are not only exposed to risks posed by Covid-19, but also to deception and harm from predatory lenders.

Avoiding Scams and Unethical Lending Practices June 2020

Actions by financial lenders meant to "entice, induce, and assist a borrower in taking a loan that they otherwise are unable to pay back reasonably."

Repudiated:  "Unbankable" Business Owners June 2020

A report by Ryan Aguilar, 2020 High Road Scholar

Starting and operating a small business is becoming increasingly difficult in today's world. Many individuals with aspirations of self-employment and entrepreneurship are being turned down by banks and other credit lending institutions.

Buffalo Protest Response June 4, 2020

A letter from Executive Director Carolynn Welch

In light of the events that have transpired this week in both Buffalo and across our nation, I would like to take a moment to recognize the significance of what has brought us to this point as a society.  

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