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Peer Support Groups


All young people experience physical, emotional, and mental changes brought on by adolescence which affect their day-to-day lives. WEDI’s students have the added burden of dealing with cultural, language, and financial barriers due to their status as immigrants and refugees. WEDI’s Peer Support Groups provide students with the resources to help them navigate the many challenges of this time in their lives. We aim to provide the students in these groups with the knowledge, skills, and

confidence to make healthy choices, live healthy lives, and thrive. Topics for the Peer Support Groups’ hour-long sessions include Puberty and Body Changes, Personal Hygiene, Self Esteem, and Bullying Prevention. Boys in the program receive both practical training and actual products to be used for shaving, grooming, and personal hygiene. Girls in the program also learn about grooming and hygiene and receive menstruation products and undergarments for their changing bodies.


To enroll your child in Peer Support Groups, please contact your program coordinator:
ENERGY and FLY: Donna Glasgow at

Launch: Mathilda Cullen at


To volunteer with our Peer Support Groups, please contact Cristen Gregory at
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