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Upcoming Webinars


All workshops listed below are free, hosted live, and available online. These webinars are organized and facilitated by WEDI as well as other partner organizations in Western NY's small business ecosystem.

September 14th - November 17th 
Business Training Classes (Tuesdays & Wednesdays 5:30pm-8:30pm)

Join us for our comprehensive 60 hour fall business training courses at the West Side Community Center, located at 161 Vermont Street, Buffalo. $30 fee for classroom technology and supplies. Get help completing your business plan and connecting and learning from other entrepreneurs and mentors. 

*Registration Required* 

Tuesday, Oct. 26th: 9am-10am

Cyber Security Basics for Small Businesses

More and more of the transactions and work small businesses do are online. It is important for businesses to have a security plan and understand the risks to the business. This program will discuss cyber security, the types of attacks that happen and how to guard against cyber threats.

Preparing your Small Business for a Disaster Situation

Small businesses need to be prepared for disasters of all shapes and sizes. Disasters can be more than hurricanes, floods and fires, like we’ve learned through COVID-19. Attend this presentation to learn how business owners should prepare for a disaster and what they should do in the event a disaster does happen.

Thursday, Oct. 21st: 9am-10am